Crosslake, Minn. – The signs appear on tow vehicles everywhere . . . bent rear bumpers, broken brake lights, and mangled license plates bespeckled with those same familiar dings. Tarnished and tattooed by misguided trailer tongues, each battle scar tells the same story, and asks a singular question.

Imagine how much time and hassle you’d save if only connecting the coupler was as automatic as shifting gears?

Actually—with assistance from a cool little techno tool— it is. Engineered by the optics experts at Outdoors Insight, the iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera offers a sweet solution to one of the most common dilemmas in the entire auto world— hitching the trailer to your truck.

There are two ways to make the critical connection:

  1. Take your best guess at blindly lining things up, hopping out of the automobile a hundred times to check your progress—only to discover you missed the whole works and have to attempt a complete do-over.
  2. Snap an iBall Camera to your bumper and guide your vehicle to an immediate hole-in-one (you can even hear that sweet clicking sound.)

The two-part iBall system employs a small wireless camera—which operates on one 9-volt battery— and a compact color LCD that plugs into your vehicle’s power port (or cigarette lighter.) The camera features an industrial strength magnet that mounts to nearly any metallic surface on or near the bumper, tailgate, or hitch. The gimbal-mounted camera can also be pivoted in any direction and is even submersible—in case you back a little too far down the ramp.

Inside your vehicle, you watch the trailer’s hitch approach the ball and then correctly connect—the first time, every time. For comfortable ergonomic viewing, the iBall monitor even sports a handy adjustable gooseneck for easy re-positioning. The usually aggravating process now takes seconds rather than minutes.

While the iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera will certainly get you on the water faster and with less stress, it’s equally valuable for any trailer—whether it’s a boat, camper, ATV or horse trailer that’s in need of a tow. The iBall works for other trailering applications, too, such as monitoring an RV, backing into a cramped garage or launching at a busy boat ramp. Simply connect the camera to the back of the boat or anywhere else it’s needed. When you’re done, stow the portable iBall camera and monitor conveniently in your glovebox.

Portable, affordable and super convenient, the iBall system retails for just $139.95 — compared to similar integrated backup cameras that cost thousands at the dealer. Available exclusively online, the iBall even comes with free U.S. shipping and a full 90 day warranty.